Need a little pick-me-up today?

Check out these hilarious videos:

  1. It looks like somebody needs a nap.

  1. Those laughs though.

  1. This girl understands her priorities.

  1. Isn’t she the sweetest?

  1. Probably the most adorable bottle flipper ever.

  1. Who knew toilets could be so complicated?

  1. That’s not coming off easily.

  1. Some words are just hard to say.

  1. Baby genius.

  1. Motherhood in 34 seconds.

  1. Phone skills? 10/10.

  1. Throw your hands up in the air like you just don’t care.

  1. Future lawyer.

  1. You seriously cannot get any cuter than this.

  1. That would be quite horrifying.

  1. He’s probably not going to eat that.

  1. Head first is always best. Especially when it comes to cake.

  1. Yes? No.

  1. Given ‘em the stink eye.

  1. #grateful

  1. Like father, like daughter.

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