Let’s be honest, life was just a little bit better when the biggest decision you had to make was whether or not you liked *NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys better. If you’re still sad that they discontinued purple ketchup, and you’re dying for the next Fuller House season to start, then this article is for you.

Here are 21 reasons why being a kid in the 90s was the best thing in the world:

1. You know it’s going to be a good movie when the VHS is orange.

90’s Throwback. Who remembers these?

2. Drawing about a hundred of these babies on your notebook.

To all those who lived the 90s

3. The only acceptable lunchbox drink.

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4. When you shoot 2,943 pounds of food, but you can only carry 50.

Old school

5. The best thing that could happen at school (besides a snow day).

90s nostalgia

6. Saturday morning paradise.

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7. The ultimate accessory.

Remember this suffocating fashion from the 90s?

8. Forget cell phones. How about one of these babies?

Anyone remember the 90s clear phone?

9. Outfits were just comfier back then

So, I Googled “most 90s picture ever taken” and this came up

10. Your dream squad.

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11. Because why not?

As a kid from the 90s, I tried it

12. The only back-to-school supply you ever wanted.

90s Kids

13. The wait was a killer.

’90s flashback sequence initiating!

14. Remember to control the pet population…

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15. Cha-cha-CHIA!

More 90s

16. The only way to fix a broken tape.

90s nostalgia.

17. Probably the most romantic moment ever.

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18. Breakfast of champions.

Had a 90s breakfast today.

19. The only appropriate summer footwear.

I used to leave these outside when it was hot out and they would melt and my mum would get mad at me. Flippin 90s kid problems.

20. The only real way to tell the future.

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21. Saving your life on one of these babies.

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